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      Welcome: Changzhou Huachi Mold Technology Co. Ltd
      Language: Chinese ∷  English


      What are the plastic parts of automobile decoration including?

      Automotive parts parts system auto parts in plastic materials used more, including bumpers, mirrors, lights, door handles, grille, skylights etc..
      Modern car exteriors often used in injection molding and then paint or surface treatment. As the painted parts, and to ensure the body color and paint quality, the material must be considered spraying system, such as the North American use of body paint baking system, exterior pieces of material should be considered when selecting high temperature baking raw materials; as a material in the skin, should be particularly considering whether raw material color and weather resistance to meet the design requirements.
      The commonly used exterior materials:
      PP (polypropylene), ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic), ASA (styrene, acrylonitrile and acrylic rubber copolymer), POM (POM), PA (nylon, polyamide), PC (polycarbonate), PE (polyethylene) and so on
      But the material used in each part is different. The material selection and application of the following parts and components system are described below.
      1. bumper
      The car bumper system includes front bumper and rear bumper, when the vehicle collision to absorb energy, reduce the body and electrical components of the pedestrian leg injury severity of injury, reduce the collision effect. The bumper generally includes the skin, the energy absorption block, strengthens the board and so on 3 major parts
      Selection principle of bumper material
      The bumper is generally treated by spraying. It has been exposed to the wind, the sun and the rain for a long time. When it collides, it bears the brunt and the working conditions are abominable. Therefore, the material has the following requirements:
      Good anti impact performance: impact has good elasticity, to provide protection for passengers; good weather resistance: to prevent exposure at high temperatures under deformation and aging; good paint adhesion ability: to ensure that the paint is not falling, discoloration; good liquidity injection: to meet the machining requirements; good processing performance. For the injection mold design; relatively low price: bumper material consumption, can effectively reduce the use cost.
      Common materials for bumper
      The often used materials for the bumper skin are PP, PP/EPDM and TPO. At present, Ford skin bumper carnival, Fiat Fei Xiang, Santana models such as the modified materials of PP and EPDM, bumper covering Volkswagen Bora, Passat, Mazda 6 models are based on TPO material.
      The energy absorbing block usually adopts foaming polypropylene or PP type bracket energy absorption structure, and absorbs the impact energy.
      The reinforcing plate is usually made of GMT material or made of steel beam. It acts as buffer and absorbing in low speed collision and protects the interior members of the vehicle.
      In addition to the above commonly used materials, PC/ABS, PBT, SMC and other materials can also be used for the production and manufacture of bumpers.
      Main suppliers of bumper materials
      BASF, Bayer, DuPont, Shanghai kumhosunny, Shanghai Granville, Kingfa, Shanghai, Heilongjiang, Hefei Xinda Plitt will pass......
      Bumper parts suppliers
      The resistance of plastic, Magna International Inc., Faurecia, Hyundai Mobis, Yanfeng Plastic Omnium automotive exterior Systems Co. Ltd., faway......
      2 car rearview mirror
      The exterior rearview mirror is usually fixed at the front of the door. It belongs to the mandatory 3C parts. It enlarges the driver's visual field and ensures the safety of driving. The utility model mainly comprises a support, a mirror shell, a base plate, a connecting piece, a lens, a heating plate, a lens adjusting module, a steering lamp, etc..
      Because the rearview mirror installed in the car, the long-term sun and rain, harsh climatic conditions, in the process of driving to withstand the impact of turbulence, so now the rearview mirror material selection should take into account the temperature and humidity, strength, impact and bending performance, at the same time, the material is not easy to aging, corrosion resistance, injection molding and properties good performance of paint and so on.
      Selection principle of automobile rearview mirror material
      The rearview mirror by spraying, the material has the following requirements: good heat resistance and corrosion resistance in high temperature exposure: to prevent deformation aging, corrosion; good paint adhesion ability: to ensure that the paint is not falling, discoloration; good fluidity: meet the injection molding process requirements; good processing performance convenient: injection mold design.
      Common materials for rearview mirror
      The mirror mirror housing and base material is ASA. In addition, the modified PP can also be used as an important material in the rearview mirror.
      Main supplier of rearview mirror material
      Shanghai kumhosunny, Kingfa, Shanghai Granville, Taiwan chimei......
      Supplier of rearview mirror parts
      Magna International Inc. and Murakami Kaimeido, Motherson Sumi Systems (MSSL), Gentex, Ichikoh, Ficosa, faway, joyson electronics, FLABEG automotive mirrors (Shanghai) Co., ltd.......
      3 car lights
      Lights can be divided into headlamp, rear lights, steering lights, license plate lights, etc., it plays an important role in the process of vehicle safety. The combination headlamp is at the front of the car, which mainly acts as lighting and signal.
      Types of lights
      The selection principle of automotive lamp material: good impact resistance: can withstand the impact of running jump stone; good light transmittance: to play the role of lighting; good weather resistance: prevent wind, sun and rain and other harsh environment deformation and aging; good stability: no deformation in the long term the lights baked good flow;


      Contact: Manager Liu

      Phone: 13915834089

      Tel: 0519-85181269

      Email: Liuqicaiyes@163.com

      Add: Changzhou City, new North Lu Tang Road, No. 3

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